Losing your loved one while they are still here.

      Losing your loved one while they are still here. This is Dementia. The cruel disease that steals the very essence of the person you love and leaves a shell. We have been lucky- for some fortunate reason my grandma has kept her sweet spirit. This is not the case for most with […]

North Star Senior Advisors Advocate for Seniors

North Star Senior Advisors is an advocate for seniors! We also are active in the community educating families about assisted living, circle of care, and also Alzheimer’s and dementia! Enjoy this video clip from North Star Senior Advisors’ President, Ignacio Quinones! Click to Watch Contact us for more information!

August is North Star Senior Advisor’s Two-Year Anniversary!

We are proud to announce that this month is our two-year anniversary in business! It has been a blessing and an honor to have helped so many families during their transitional process. We’d like to thank you for being a part of our provider network and trusting us in bringing you, new residents! We’ve also […]

Please move me into a “home”

Assisted living has evolved since our grandparents were faced with moving their loved ones into a facility. As a matter of fact, the term “facility” is rarely used these days as the word has been replaced with “Senior Living Community.” In today’s day in age where we are seeing baby boomers retire in record numbers, […]

How Occupational Therapy Improves Dementia

April is Occupation Therapy Month! Sarah Bapst, a geriatric occupational therapist from Amedisys Home Health would like to shed light on the history and importance of this type of therapy, especially those with Dementia! North Star Senior Advisors thanks you in all you do for the senior population and is pleased to share your blog! Happy […]

Health care decisions planning process

In honor of health care decision day this week, North Star Senior Advisors is pleased to recognize this day by shining a spotlight on our partner, Family First Firm! This day aims to raise awareness of advance health care planning and Family First Firm is a great elder law firm to receive guidance during your health […]

Bluebirds of Happiness; a son’s story about Alzheimer’s

  The moment Ron St. John sees his mom, Julia smile, his entire demeanor changes and he feels a sense of relaxation. Most of the time he cannot even recognize the woman who raised him. Watching someone very dear to you lose their ability to simply get dressed in the morning or hold a conversation […]