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Helpful articles regarding Elder Care in the Central Florida area and places like retirement communities in Altamonte Springs.


Senior Living “Placement” but honestly, I hate that term.

Yes, my business consists of Senior Living “placement” but honestly, I hate that term. I don’t even use it in our employee titles because we choose to do more than that. We GUIDE people to senior living or provide them with alternative resources because, in all honesty, the cost of senior living is extremely expensive. I […]

Types of Assisted Living Communities and Average Costs

Types of Assisted Living Communities and average costs: What are the types of assisted living communities and the average cost? This is the #1 question that is asked when a family contacts us for help. Although we do our best to include what’s on their wish list when we conduct a search, the fact of […]

Visiting your elderly loved one this holiday?

Do you plan on visiting your#elderly loved one for the holidays? Here are a few things to look for to ensure #safety in their home! Most seniors are adamant about staying home and refuse to believe they are at risk for falls and of course, are capable of caring for themselves. In order to prevent […]

Thanksgiving with your elderly loved ones!

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your elderly loved ones is a real treat. Whether your visiting your parents or grandparents this holiday, traditions and memories are important. Incorporate generations of traditions into your holiday festivities and remember to have patience for those who have slowed down either physically or mentally.  No matter what, give thanks, enjoy family and most […]

What is a Senior Living Advisor?

What is a Senior Living Advisor? Senior Living Advisor’s sole purpose is to help families through their search for a senior living community.  We partner with the family as an advocate to help seniors find a new home. North Star Senior Advisors guides seniors through the entire transition to include a consult to find out level […]

Losing your loved one while they are still here.

      Losing your loved one while they are still here. This is Dementia. The cruel disease that steals the very essence of the person you love and leaves a shell. We have been lucky- for some fortunate reason my grandma has kept her sweet spirit. This is not the case for most with […]

North Star Senior Advisors Advocate for Seniors

North Star Senior Advisors is an advocate for seniors! We also are active in the community educating families about assisted living, circle of care, and also Alzheimer’s and dementia! Enjoy this video clip from North Star Senior Advisors’ President, Ignacio Quinones! Click to Watch Contact us for more information!

It’s National Assisted Living Week!

It’s National Assisted Living Week and we’d like to recognize our amazing assisted living partners who go above and beyond to keep their residents safe at all times. Yesterday, Hurricane Irma visited Florida and our assisted living partners worked tirelessly (24-72 hour shifts) to ensure residents were out of harm’s way. All managers and caregivers […]

Help those with Alzheimer’s or dementia maintain respect and dignity

Helping those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia maintain respect and dignity they deserve. I’ve worked closely with those living with this terrible disease as well as meet caregivers and families who more often than not stressed and emotionally drained. I’ve been told that dealing with the effects of the disease is like taking care of […]